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With exquisite appearance, excellent performance and waterproof rating up to IPX-8 standard, Acebeam develops USB-C rechargeable headlamps which can charge a battery up to three times faster than standard USB. Fast charging means you're back in action quicker, getting you back on the trail for whatever the night brings. All of that power combined with a comfortable headband which keep you the ultimate hands-free lighting experience. Offering different tint options such as Cool White,Neutral White and High Color Rendering Index.The Cool White version is powered by a maximum output and a peak beam distance. The Neutral White version casts a warm and soft beam that is equipped to resemble sunlight, reducing eye strain and making it an ideal headlamp for photography. High CRI(>97) healthy headlamp zero blue ray damage (RG0),and extremely low violet light energy Real full spectrum,can accurately revealing every subtle and color of an object like under natural light and also can reduces eye fatigue and improves overall visual comfort.  All options are ideal headlamps for workers, campers, hikers, spelunkers, photographers, or fisherman.

First use CREE MT-G2 Q0(5000k) LED,one key max output max 2000lm, special design for outdoor and explorers,four output modes by rotate ring, and four colors option, power by one 18650(recommend high drain cell) or two CR123 battery.
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