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New Concept H60 Eyevision Healthy Headlamp

New Concept H60 Eyevision Healthy Headlamp

Acebeam H60 utilizes the new SunLike TRI-R technology for high CRI (>97) and TLCL ratings with spectral distribution as close to the sunlight as possible. Different from other LEDs, Sunlike LEDs create zero blue ray damage (RG0). H60 is a more healthy light for kids' use and long time working use, which reduces eye fatigue and improves overall visual comfort. Powered by one single 18650 battery (INCLUDED), max output reaches 1250lumens. H60 can toggle between three modes between All-On, Left-On (Sunlike LEDs), and Right-On (Osram LED). With Acebeam H60, you can always enjoy a natural light source.

The new Acebeam H60 headlamp features a combination of LED and an LED chip arrangement for a lighting experience you’ve never seen. The eight sun-like LED chips produce an amazing natural light with a high CRI rating so you can see colours in their true form. These LEDs also emit zero blue rays, so it helps your eyes to have less strain and is safer for younger users. The single Osram LED also puts out a broad light beam, and paired with the TIR Optic lens system, this headlamp can produce up to 1250 lumens and run for 20 hours on low. Use each LED system on its own, or combine them all for brilliant illumination.

User Friendly

The H60 has a singular integrated switch located at the front of the lamp so you can find it easily with a bare or gloved hand. From this one switch, you can toggle through the three lighting modes to find what suits your needs best. Multiple safety protections keep you and your headlamp safe from reverse polarity and high temperatures while still running efficiently with long run times.

Versatile and Rugged

Equipped with a silicone ring mount system, you can easily detach the lamp from its head strap and use it as a hand-held light where needed. Constructed from aero-grade aluminium alloy and o-ring sealed, this headlamp is waterproof and can survive the punishment of many adventures. Its head straps are made from moisture channeling, reflective nylon for a comfortable but visible design.

Sunlike bulb, is a new generation of the natural light source, from the luminous technology to reduce blue light, effectively reduce the damage to the eyes of blue light because Zero Blue Ray Damage (RG0) to the Eyes. It is the best choice for your eye vision health.

  • Utilizes the new SunLike TRI-R technology for high CRI (>97) and TLCL ratings with a spectral distribution
  • High CRI with zero blue ray damage (RG0)
  • Reduce eye fatigue and improve overall visual comfort
  • Can be used as a mini flashlight
  • Powered by 1 × 18650 battery
  • Best choice for kids’eyevision health




This is great. I can't wait to see this light in person.


Great idea for a headlamp! Acebeam is always on the cutting edge with their technology!

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