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ACEBEAM at IWA Outdoor Classics 2024

ACEBEAM at IWA Outdoor Classics 2024

On February 29, 2024, the four-day Internationale Waffen Ausstellung Outdoor Classics (IWA) grandly opened in Nuremberg, Germany. At this highly anticipated outdoor industry event, ACEBEAM showcased its remarkable achievements in the field of mobile lighting to customers from around the world, leveraging its profound technological expertise and exceptional design capabilities.

The visual design of the exhibition symbolizes the brand's primary colors, highlighting ACEBEAM's professionalism and dedication. The display featured a range of products including EDC flashlights, high-power outdoor flashlights, tactical flashlights, headlamps, and white laser flashlights, each embodying ACEBEAM's relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. With enthusiasm, the elite sellers greeted customers from all over the globe, introducing the unique advantages and superior performance of their products while discussing the application prospects of tactical lights in various fields.

A particular highlight was the X75 high Power flashlight, ACEBEAM's flagship product. Its waterproof, heat dissipation, and constant current capabilities all ensure its status as a guardian of the darkness! As one of the most popular products, its expanded version, the X90, also attracted a crowd of interested customers. Simultaneously, ACEBEAM unveiled several new products, with the new stars of the lighting industry shining brightly. Come see their charm and decide which will become the "king of lighting" in your heart!

Best Patrol Flashlight - P20

In the endless darkness, a beam of light emanates from the P20 long-range flashlight. This flashlight is not just a lighting tool; it's a revolution, a redefinition of exploration into the future. Every detail is filled with modernity and innovation. Powered by a high-performance battery, it emits a bright light akin to daylight, with an extended range that makes it a navigator in the dark. Whether you're patrolling or exploring, it will be your indispensable companion.

Newly Upgraded Adventure Headlamps - H35

Imagine hiking through dense forests or camping under vast starry skies. The H35 headlamp becomes your beacon of freedom. With five side-by-side LED beads, it projects a wide beam of light, illuminating your path and your soul. Whether you're hiking, camping, or engaging in other outdoor activities, it can meet your needs through its unique design, becoming your loyal companion.

The Newest Weapon Flashlight - P1

A steadfast beam of light brings comfort and hope on the unknown battlefield. This is ACEBEAM's first-ever gun light, the P1. More than just a lighting tool, it's your trusty aide on the battlefield. Its design is unique and powerful, with every press of the switch a challenge and conquest of the unknown.

During the exhibition, global customers unceasingly visit ACEBEAM's stand, creating many memorable moments. They engaged in meaningful discussions with the elite sellers, expressing high praise for the products.

They stated that they were searching for lighting products with excellent quality and stable performance to meet the needs of various fields. Impressed by ACEBEAM's craftsmanship and rigorous quality, they expressed their desire to establish long-term and stable business relationships with ACEBEAM. Meanwhile, the elite sellers listened carefully to the voices of their customers, actively adopting valuable feedback to their current approaches, hoping to inject new vitality into future collaborations and product innovations.

At this exhibition, ACEBEAM showcased its leadership in the field of mobile lighting, bringing exceptional lighting solutions to global consumers. The deep exchanges between elite sellers and partners not only deepened their understanding and trust in the ACEBEAM brand but also laid a solid foundation for closer cooperation in the future.

Looking ahead, ACEBEAM will continue to collaborate closely with partners from around the globe to jointly explore markets, promote products, and provide customers with even more exceptional services. At the same time, we look forward to working with more partners to create an even more glorious future together.




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