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Acebeam X80GT LED Flashlight

X80GT is a powerful searchlight. Small in size like a coke can, very suitable for carrying in a narrow space such as a cave. The 18 LEDs are driven by a high-efficiency circuit and reach an astonishing 32500lm brightness. If there is a need for waterproofing, the 30-meter waterproof function of the X80GT can also be handled calmly. The flashlight is equipped with threaded holes for mounting brackets, and has 5 brightness adjustments. When used with other photographic equipment, the X80 GT is a powerful portable photographic fill light. Small size and high power, suitable for outdoor carrying, is our purpose of manufacturing it. Built for the outdoors and ready to work, the X80GT is perfect for search & rescue, security, and hunting applications. Waterproof to 30m and shockproof, this is a game changer that is pushing high output LED technology into the future.
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Good Product.
Ruth 2021/4/10 20:58
Works really well with bright lumens.
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PT40 is a multi-functional compact light that integrates work lights, headlamps and EDC light. It is designed for campers, construction workers, hiking enthusiasts and other needs for all-round lighting. It is equipped with a headlight belt, side clips and a tail cap with a magnetic function, providing you with multiple options for freeing your hands. A line of 6 pieces high color rendering LEDs, with a luminous angle greater than 110 degrees, can broaden your visual range and truly restore all the scenes around you, allowing you to gain insight into your perspective in the dark night, and obtain sufficient safety sense.
ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A battery has a built-in USB-C port and can be charged directly with a USB-C cable or using a traditional charger like a ACEBEAM A4. It designed for powering high drain devices such as high-output flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and bike lights, as well as a variety of other appliances and devices. With built in smart charging circuitry and other integrated safety features through-out, this battery will safely work in the majority of button-top compatible devices.