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Acebeam 15A 18650 Battery - 3100mAh Non-USB

Acebeam 15A 18650 Battery - 3100mAh Non-USB


High capacity 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery specially designed for high-drain devices. With outstanding performance, excellent reliability and compact design, help your high performance devices reach their potential with the Acebeam IMR 18650! This potent power source is able to produce a remarkable 15 Amps of current, allowing powerful flashlights like the Search Light reach its most intense outputs. The rechargeable cell utilizes a sophisticated lithium ion chemistry, which not only grants it its impressive power, but gives it a sizable 3100 mAh capacity. The IMR 18650 is CE and RoHS certified, so you can rest easy knowing this powerful battery is safe to use in your high drain device!

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High-Drain Li-Ion Battery 


Battery Size: 18650

Protected or Unprotected Battery: Protected

Model Number: ARC18650H-310A

Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

Battery Sub-Chemistry: IMR (Lithium Manganese Oxide)

Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

Nominal Capacity: 3100mAh

Continuous Discharge Current: 15A

Estimated Charge Cycles: 500 cycles

Length - 2.70" (68.5 mm)
Diameter - 0.73" (18.6 mm)
Weight: 1.69 oz. (48 g)


Acebeam 25A 18650 Battery - 2900mAh
Is this a 2900 mAh as listed or 3100 mAh as pictured ?
Dan | 2021/1/7 22:33