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Excellent headlamp 5
Good quality and good finish. Effective luminous intensity is very important for me for Officer use. I can sincerely recommend!
Timo | 2021/3/10 2:49
Interesting and useful right angle light. 5
The PT40 is a unique looking light.

Its fairly floody and with the right angle configuration makes for a great light to add to nearly any set up: work, hiking, fishing, etc.

Its longer than most right angle lights but what's nice about that is you can keep it clipped to your belt to cast light out in front of you and your shirt is less likely to get in the way.

Would make a perfect light to go on your pack or tool belt.
Garreth | 2021/3/20 7:08
nice headlamp 5
flood dia terbaik. good quality
along | 2021/8/22 22:54
Good product 5
like this product. can give me nice view
asfa | 2021/8/23 0:03
PT 40, the best 90° lamp 5
Hello everyone, I am an expert in LED lamps. I am very close to product developments. The PT40 lamp rdt the best of the lamps angled at 90 °.
The power is adjustable, the autonomy great, it is waterproof.
it is multi-use; head lamp, hand lamp, bust lamp, magnetic lamp, it's incredible!

The PT40 allows you to work hands-free with super light output, there is nothing better on the market for all brands.
To recharge it, simply connect the battery to a simple smartphone charger, which is a great advantage. No more cables that we do not have on either or that we lose like the competition.
ACEBEAM has engineers who really listen to consumers, that's why their products are always on top.
David | 2021/8/23 20:27
Thoughtful Design 5
Design is second to none!! Well done once again!!
Lo | 2021/11/29 12:31
Pt40 5
I had the pleasure of buying a few pt40.  The lh351d 6000k led flashlights are snow-white with beautiful color reproduction.  The beam angle is super wide.  It can be a headlamp as well as a handheld work lamp, it is characterized by excellent current stabilization.  Workmanship at the highest level.  It will be really useful in age situations, forest camps, homework and many other activities.  It's really super compact and really light.
Dawid | 2022/1/13 7:36