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Acebeam X65 mini Review 5
Acebeam X65 mini Review

Delivery package:
Nice looking package with all basic instructions outside. The flashlight has a good protection during the transport.
Points/Maximal points: 4,5/5

Included accessories:
Complete, including 4 18650 3100 mAh protected Acebeam batteries.
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

User manual:
The user manual Includes all basic information, but I should appreciate a larger text font.
Points/Maximal points: 4,5/5

Available functions:
All basic functions inclusive direct access to low mode is there. There is also a battery indicator in place witch continuously lights with different colors:
Green (plus 12.6 V)
Constant red (11.6 to 12.6 V)
Flashing red (below 11.6 V)
I should have liked a built in charging possibility with a USBC charging function on the light, and  also a possibility to use the flashlight as a power bank.
Points/Maximal points: 8,5/10

Light performance:
Very bright, 12 000 Lumens/492 000 candela. I measured 499 500 candelas with my own candela measurement. So, it seems to be a realistic indication of candela from Acebeam. That gives a calculated distance throw for a little more than 1 400 m.
X65 mini also shows a good combination between flood and throw. Impressing!
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Light "quality":
A combination of flood and throw, much of all. Color temperature 6500K. (I personally like this level of color temperature)
Well defined large center spot with a typical five LED light parable look.
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

A little more runtime should be possible if the battery size 21700 were used instead of 18650. Of course the flashlight should be somewhat larger and heavier…
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Ease to use:
The different flashlight functions are easy to use and understand.
Extra plus for the excellent metallic, electronic maneuver button, it feels precise, exact and are relatively easy to find also in the dark. The lanyard attachment ring is screwed into the tripod screw hole. A verry robust and god solution.
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Form factor:
Probably hard to make a flashlight with this kind of performance much smaller and lighter. You need a certain amount mass to take away the heat generated from the five high performance leds….
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Build quality/finish:
Very nice looks and finish. Perfectly centered leds. A great quality feeling in this flashlight!
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Value for money:
Not cheap, but robust built and includes battery and everything you need. Probably a state-of-the-art flashlight for the rescue worker or the flashlight enthusiasts who like a very high-performance flashlight with both very long range and a lot of flood light.
Points/Maximal points: 9/10

Total points: 95/100 This is definitely a “Five Star” product!

And finally, the most important questions:
Want to have/buy again?
Yes, and yes. definitely, this is a reference light for me!
Lennart | 7/21/2022 11:51 PM