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X65 Mini High Intensity Flashlight

X65 Mini High Intensity Flashlight


The ACEBEAM X65 MINI is a high intensity led flashlight that features a 5 pieces CREE XHP35 HI LED with a remarkable peak output of 12,000 lumens and over-distance beam throw up to 1403 meters. Being powered by 4pcs 18650 3100mAh rechargeable cell. A low-voltage warning reminds when batteries charging is needed. 6 brightness levels from Ultra-Low 2 lumens to Turbo 12,000 lumens plus a Strobe 3500 lumens for self-defense or signaling is easily operated by the stainless steel side switch. The lock-out function prevents accidental activation. The standard tripod socket meets various lighting demands such as camping and photographing. ACEBEAM X65 MINI is an invincible companion in searching, rescuing, and self-driving illumination.




1:5xCree XHP35 High Intensity LED with a lifespan of 50,000hours
2:Max Output 12,000 lumens
3:Powered by 4x18650 3100mAh rechargeable battery
4:Approximate runtimes in each brightness level:
Ultra-Low: 2 lumens; 225 hours; 14 meters; 51cd
Low: 500 lumens; 12 hours; 253 meters; 16000cd
Mid 1: 1500 lumens; 4 hours; 403 meters; 40600cd
Mid 2: 3500 lumens; 1.7 hours; 608 meters; 92400cd
High: 6000 - 4200 lumens; 7 minutes + 55 minutes; 1064 meters; 283200cd
Turbo: 12000 - 4200 lumens; 1.5 minutes + 50 minutes; 1403 meters; 492000cd
Strobe: 3500 lumens; 3.5 hours
5:Max runtime 225 hours
6:Max beam distance 1403 meters
7:Peak beam intensity 492000cd
8:Working Voltage:12V-16.8V
9:Impact resistant: 1 meter
10:Waterproofing: IPX8 standard to 5 meters submersible
11:Size: 186.6mm (length) x 108mm (head diameter) x 53mm (tube diameter)
12:Weight: 587.75g without batteries; battery carrier 61.75g
13:6 brightness levels and special Strobe function available
14:Stainless steel side switch for fast and convenient operation
15:Built-in intelligent temperature controller is used and adjusted brightness according to work status and temperature
16:All circuitry contact points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability
17:Tail stand; The standard tripod socket compatibility; Lock-out function
18:Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
19:Power indicator displays battery voltage,Low-voltage warning reminds when battery charging is needed
20:Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
21:Made of durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
22:Premium type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
23:IPX8 waterproof (5 meters submersible)
24:Impact resistance to 1 meter



1. The light must be powered by 4 x ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A battery with 10Amps of current or the major brand batteries with the same Voltage, Capacity and Watt hour ratings as original. The light may not be turned on when using other brand battery with the less current.
2.Do not mix and match brands and models, old and new, used and unused batteries. Recommend using ACEBEAM branded batteries or major manufacturers’ batteries with 
the same Voltage, Capacity and Watt hour ratings as original. 
3.Unauthorized disassembly may damage the flashlight and void the warranty.
4.It is normal if the surface heat is increased during use due to the excellent thermal conductivity technology. It is suggested to turn down lower mode of brightness or turn off 
the light to cool down. It is suggested to use in a well ventilated area with ambient temperature. 
5.Caution hot when using continuously for a long time. Do not put it on flammable materials for a long time, any fire or any safety problems caused by this will not be related to 
the manufacturer and distributors.
6.Please check and replace the O-ring regularly to maintain the waterproof rating.
7.Please check and lubricate the threads regularly with professional lubricant.
8.Clean the contact surfaces regularly to keep the flashlight normal operation. If irregular strobe or failure to turn-on occurs, the contact surfaces may be dirty and requires cleaning by using alcohol cotton swabs.
9.Remove the battery from the flashlight during long term storage.
10.This flashlight is not intended to be used as a diving light.
11.Do not aim the flashlight directly at eyes. Users must be over 18 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children.