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Improving X50 V1 5
If the X50 was already a reference in "soda flashlights" the X50 V2 is better in most ways.

More meters, more lumens, more water resistance, a more modern finish and especially, a 60W fast charge that allows us to use the flashlight as a powerbank.

All this keeping the great strengths of the previous model. Its incredible grip handle, a robust mechanical lock and details to another level.

If you are looking for a strong, compact, reliable and powerful flashlight, the X50 V2 is what you want.
Alejandro | 2022/7/20 19:31
Acebeam X50.2 5
Thanks a lot for a great product.  I look forward to new ideas from you, new incarnations in a bright world)
Nikolay | 2023/1/23 14:17