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Un Mostro 5
La T28 è una torcia stupenda con una parabola un pochino più grande ma che serve ad avere tanta luce  con un tiro di 1300 metri effettivi . Non ci sono rivali per Acebeam
Mauro | 2021/3/25 5:40
very good long-range lamp 5
It is my first acebeam, and the truth exceeds my expectations.  The shipment took a long time due to the current pandemic and how I am on the other side of the world, Mexico.  She stated that it was worth the wait.
The packaging is perfect, the article smells new, the presentation is of quality, the box where the lamp is is great, My respects for this great tool.  Quality to the touch, excellent light, Phenomenal reach.  Highly recommended.  My next purchase will be the L35 model
Richard Ramer. | 2021/7/23 15:14