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Excellent thrower 5
Using LGHg2 batteries (10 amps) and acebeam protected 3100 mah batteries:
All performs stats seem to be on the mark compared to standards I use.

Excellent high-output thrower.  This is the smallest I would go with the Sbt90.2 LED,  large carona around the hotspot. The light is nicely portable,  but not coming with a holster holds this light back. Mode speration is perfect, you can tell it's getting brighter with every step change.

The turbo can still be (briefly)  accessed well down to 3.3 volts per battery, which is good to know. The light gets hot but includes a handle to prevent hitting your hand. The far output is really amazing to see and use.

There isn't a roll stop so be sure to use the handle if you want to set the light down when being used. The light is well balanced and has an amazing detail to the knerling which helps grip, and the size is perfect for one hand.

Only thing I'd change is a holster. I had to improvise in order to take care of it.
Benjamin | 2020/6/25 5:32
thrower terbaik 5
barang belom sampai mcm mana nk ulas 😉
along | 2021/3/22 16:08
I have researched several SBT90.2 LED flashlights and decided to settle on the K30-GT.

There are smaller EDC sized variants but you will see in the YouTube comparisons that they step down quickly from turbo making things a whole lot less practical for serious use but just fine for “impress-your-friends-with-momentary-wow-factor”.  Furthermore, you risk quickly draining a single battery and that might expose you to situations where you would have wished for a larger power reserve.  That could include an extended night time country hike with your dog or navigating across a small lake which makes the 3x18650 lithium-ion K30-GT a good fit: you will need more than just a few seconds of sustained turbo blast to size up the surroundings and get your bearings.  Also, it’s small enough to comfortably hold in your hands and will fit in your coat pocket without the handle attached of course.

I just received the K30-GT together with the optional three 3 x ARC18650H-310A batteries from Acebeam direct.  The flashlight box was very carefully packed in a shipping parcel which was additionally sealed with an Acebeam branded protective wrap. This the best protective packaging I have come across so job well done Acebeam!

The flashlight itself overall impresses with its solid build quality.  The milling is flawless and so is the anodization.  Confidence inspiring too.  The UI is straightforward and first use impressions are already very positive. I am glad to have purchased this model.
Lawrence | 2021/8/21 23:12
Good product 5
with 2 turbo mood. i very like this product. can choose what turbo i want use
asfa | 2021/8/22 23:33
great deals 5
bagus ketika misi mencari. cahaya nya jauh dapat memberi pandangan bagus. sbt90.2 juga dapat mengeluarkan lumens yang tinggi
along | 2021/9/24 23:10
Acebeam K30 GT Review 5
Delivery package
Nice looking package with all basic instructions outside. The flashlight has a good protection during the transport.
Points/Maximal points: 5/5

Included accessories
Complete, also including a handle to attach to the flashlight via the tripod hole. This to avoid the direct heat, for example when running at turbo for a long time.
three pair of 18650 20A 3100 mAh protected Acebeam battery's is also possible to ordered together.
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

User manual
The user manual Includes all basic information, but I should appreciate a larger text font.
Points/Maximal points: 4,5/5

Available functions
All basic functions inclusive direct access to low mode is there.
There is also a battery indicator in place:
Green: 9.6 V
Constant red: 9 to 9.6V V
Flashing red 8.4 to 9V
The flashlight also turns off when the battery voltage is 8.4V. The voltage indication led is running all the time so you can continuously se the battery's voltage status.
I should have liked a built-in charging possibility with a USBC charging function on the light, and also a possibility to use the flashlight as a power bank.
Points/Maximal points: 8,5/10

Light performance
Very bright 5 500 Lumens/262 144 candela rated. That gives a calculated distance throw for 1 024 m. Impressing performance for this size of light!
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Light "quality"
The K30 GT is a thrower with a well-defined centre spot, but it also has enough spill to use when you for example take a walk. The led is a SBT 90 Gebn 2 and he colour temperature is 5 700 K. I personally like this level of colour temperature.
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Runtimes are fairly good. Of course, the runtime is shorter on the higher levels, then for example its little bother Acebeam K30, due to the produced heat, but it is normally enough to use for example the 1 000-lumen level, an then you have a usable runtime of 5 hours.
Little more runtime should have been possible if the battery size 21700 were used instead of 18650. Of course, the flashlight should be somewhat larger and heavier then…
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Ease to use
The different flashlight functions are easy to understand and use.
Extra plus for the excellent electronic steal manoeuvre button, it feels precise and exact. It is also relatively easy to find even in the dark.
The lanyard attachment ring is screwed into the tripod screw hole. A verry robust and good solution. The same attachment screw is also used to fasten the flashlight handle, mentioned above.
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Form factor
With its length of 155.5 mm (6.12") and a bezel diameter of 57 mm (2.24") is this powerhouse even pocketable if you have for example, a coat vit large pockets.
It is probably hard to make a flashlight with this kind of performance much smaller and lighter. You need a certain mass to take away the heat generated from the high performance led….
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Build quality/finish
Very nice looks and finish. Perfectly cantered led. A great quality feeling in this flashlight!
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Value for money
Quite costly, but robust built and includes the most of what you need. (You have to order the battery's tough). Probably a state-of-the-art flashlight for thus who like a very high-performance thrower in a handling format and it is useful in most situations. And furthermore, it has an excellent finish and quality feeling. If you think it is more important what you got for your money, than the actual cost, this is a really flashlight to consider!
Points/Maximal points: 9/10

Total points: 94/100 This is definitely a “Five Star” product!

And finally, the most important questions:
Want to have/buy again?
Definitely, this is my coup of tea!
Lennart | 2022/7/25 3:11