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One of the most outstanding headlights 5
Another one is H50.

The H30 is a terribly bright, supremely sophisticated headlight.
It's not just bright. It has 21700.
21700 is the best battery standard on the planet.
To be honest, it's a bit heavy and you'll get a headache if you wear it all the time.
But you can live with that.
I think I'll buy another one!
Yasuaki | 2021/6/13 19:17
H30: Color temperature does matter 5
This in flood headlamp, but insane output makes possible to use it outdoor.
One important thing: the light (flood headlamp with such output and cool color temperature) reflects back from air (parts of water and dust) to operators eyes and makes “wall of light”.
In order to reduce such reflections i highly recommend to by 5000K version, or even replace the led to warmer one. Thanks Acebeam the construction makes it possible.
Mykola | 2021/6/21 14:54
Almost perfect 5
Purchased NW with red and Nichia options.

Very bright
High CRI
Optional red light
Did I mention very bright?
Floddy beam
Head strap very sturdy
Direct Charging

Limited UI options
Moonlight mode still very bright
Red light has only one level of brightness
Hima | 2021/7/26 20:46
perfect headlamp 5
run out so fast. baru je nak beli habis juga. mengida  nk headlam ni tp abis. good deal from Acebeam
along | 2021/8/29 23:48
Acebeam H30 Brightest Headlamp 5
Bonjour à tous, la lampe H30 est la meilleur des lampes multifonctions pour un port de tête.
Son autonomie est incroyable, ce qui est un très gros avantage par apport à tout ce qui existe.
Le système de rechargement est pratique et moderne.
Les deux led de couleur verte et rouge sont super pour des utilisations professionnelles, militaires en marche tactique et police pour la circulation des véhicules.
Je recommande cette lampe à tous.
La puissance est monstrueuse en turbo, la portée est largement suffisante en port de tête, faisceau moyen.
Le port sur la tête et très confortable, on l'oubli...
Merci Acebeam super produit la H30.
David | 2021/10/21 15:37
The best headlamp in 2021 5
This is my newest and most favorite headset. It's extremely bright, evenly balanced in weight so comfortable, UI works well, and works as a powerbank. This is much better than my HD20 which forgets lockout after 20 seconds.
Andrew | 2021/10/25 1:52