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K75 High Power Flashlight

K75 High Power Flashlight


ACEBEAM K75 high-power flashlight is a professional searchlight in the palm of your hand, a well-deserved king of long-range shooting. It can subvert your imagination at any time!

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Still the throw King
I measured 1,804,021cd (2686m beam distance) for the K75, I know the MF05 throws a little further but that light is way too big to be considered a flashlight/torch, there maybe the odd LEP light that can match the K75 but at only 500 lumens a laser is not very useful!!

The K75 is light, powerful, manoeuvrable and very useful.
Matt | 2020/9/10 20:34
I want buy one
I want  buy one
Mohammad | 2021/1/27 7:49
Super-throw beast
This light is huge but still very well designed. Looks good and can still be handled in one hand fairly easily.

Its got the same great UI as most Acebeams but what sets it apart is its incredible throw.

This will throw light as far as you can see.

I was lucky to get one of the Camo versions and its one of my most prized pieces in my collection!
Garreth | 2021/3/22 3:09
Insane throw, reasonable size
What I like:
- throw/size index
- design
What I don’t like:
- there is no possibility to switch mode down

Since it consumes up to 10 Amps in power-turbo, your batteries mast be able to supply such amperage. Short circuit protection triggers on common protected batteries. There is no possibility to install unprotected flat-tops. So I recommend to buy this flashlight with batteries.
Mykola | 2021/6/7 2:02