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Some tips when your acebeam flashlight is not ON or flickers abnormally

*Replace the battery, please note acebeam models always request battery with high drain and discharging current at least 10A, we strongly recommend using Acebeam approved batteries;

*Clean the all contacts of flashlight periodically with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab, especially the thread, PCB board contact or other contacts are dirty when there is signs of flashlight flickering or having difficulty lighting up;

*Make sure the inner tube is screwed on tight,  the inner tube may be accidentally touched and loosened,  please note there is only an inner tube for models with dual switches such as L16, L30 II;

*Raise the spring leaf at the flashlight head or tail cap switch, with the daily screwing of the tube to replace the battery, the spring leaf may be compressed, please note there is only spring leaf for models with dual switches such as L16, L30 II;