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Multi Charger-A4 21700 Battery


Broad spectrum of Li-ion, LiFePO4, Ni-MH, Ni-CD rechargeable cell size.Supporting AC charging and DC charging.A4 Charger automatically identification of Li-ion/Ni-MH/Ni-CD battery, manually select the LiFePO4 battery.Each of the four battery slots monitors and charges independently.LCD display of each cell’s voltage, charging current, charging time and battery type. Advanced protection against short circuiting, overcurrent, overcharging and wrong polarity direction.




Input: 100-240V(AC), 50/60Hz, 600mA(Max)

          12V-24V(DC) 2000mA(Max)

Output: 4.2V/3.65V/1.5V 500mA x 4/1000mA x 4

Size: 145 x 104 x 39.5(Length x Width x Height)

Weight: 260g

Operating Temperature: 5%(0℃)-90%(40℃)

(full load in normal working conditions)

Product ratings

Compliant Standards:  TUV GS FCC CE C-TICK CB ROHS

How to charge battery cells

1. Plug the power cable into a standard AC outlet or plug the car adapter into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. The Acebeam charger will automatically check the battery type and condition.

2. If the charger stands empty for 30 seconds without inserting batteries or pressing the switch button, it will start the energy saving function and the  brightness of LCD screen decreased.

3. Reverse insertion of a battery or the wrong operation, will cause the LCD screen to display "Err" (Error). The A4 multi charger will automatically identify between Li-ion/ni-MH/Ni-CD battery type. A LiFePO4 battery could be selected manually. Default current is 500mA, 1000mA is available if needed.

4. Button A/B/C/D corresponding to the separate charging slot.

Short press 1S:  Select between charging current 500mA or 1000mA.

Long press 5S:  Select the charging mode between Li-ion and LiFePO4 battery types.

5. For safety, the A4 multi charger will automatically stop charging when it reaches 12 hours. Remove all batteries and unplug the power when battery charging is completed.


1. For your protection and that of the cells being charged, use the A4 multi charger only as instructed.

2. Disconnect the power supply when charging is completed.

3. Do not attempt to charge with AC and car power sources at the same time.

4. Do not attempt to dismantle or modify A4 multi charger or use it for other purposes.

5. As an electrical appliance, keep the charger out of reach of children.

Existing reviews

very good!
Using for 18650 battery. Fast charging is very useful and big LCD is easy to check battery status. Price is also nice👍
Yoshikaze | 9/18/2021 10:11 AM
fast charger
good quality. very function for all tipy battery
along | 4/20/2022 11:23 AM
Better than my other chargers.
I like this one better than my other chargers. It's compatible with more types of batteries, has an LCD display, and has more advanced charging and protection features than most cheap chargers on the market. The price is actually very good for what it is.
| 5/26/2023 9:36 AM
Excellent charger.
Compatible with many types and sizes of batteries. Some chargers won't accommodate longer batteries -this one does. You get a varied choice of charging amperage with a detailed display of battery dynamics. It seems everyone in the world wants the fastest charging battery and device available, but this comes at the expense of battery longevity. You get a choice of 500mA or 1,000mA. I prefer a slower and steadier charge. Treat your batteries nice and they will serve you well.
| 2/24/2024 2:55 PM
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