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5 Years Warranty

Terminator M2 With RGB

Terminator M2 With RGB


Acebeam Terminator M2 is a multi source EDC flashlight that meets the requirements of a spotlight, floodlight, and auxiliary light. There are also some multi-functional modes: seven-color light automatic cycle mode, RGB lights, signal lights, and red SOS. Powered by 18650 USB-C battery (included). The battery is replaceable, so with the M2, you're ready for any situation.

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Option 1: OD Green
Multi light sources: 1x Spotlight LED, 1x AUX Light, 3x Floodlight Cool White 6500K LEDs 
Floodlight Max Output: 3200lumens, 178meters
Spotlight Max Output: 500meters, 62500cd, 900lumens

Option 2: Black
Multi light sources: 1x Spotlight LED, 1x AUX Light, 3x Floodlight Nichia 519A 5000K Neutral White LEDs with High CRI90
Floodlight Max Output: 2000lumens, 164meters
Spotlight Max Output: 500meters, 62500cd, 900lumens
The high CRI90 LED light produces a uniform and smooth spot with no artifacts, capability revealing every detail on objects
Neutral White(5000K) uniform spot reducing chances of misdiagnose.

One spotlight mode plus four brightness levels of floodlight to cycle
AUX light modes for options: Seven-color automatic cycle, Red, Green, Blue, Green-Signal Light, Red-SOS
Easy to switch light sources or brightness modes to meet different applications.
Powered by one Acebeam 18650 Li-ion Battery with built-in USB-C port (Included)
Temperature Control system: keeps light from overheating so it can run brighter and longer
Tail stand capability
Impact resistance: 1.5m
Waterproof: IP68, underwater 2m

Size:  (Length) 95.4mm / 3.76'' x  (Head) 48.5mm / 1.91 '' x  (Body) 29mm / 1.14''
Weight: 201.1g (7.09oz.) w/ battery


1:Unauthorized disassembly may damage the flashlight and void the warranty.
2:It is normal if the surface heat is increased during use due to the excellent thermal conductivity technology. It is suggested to use in a well ventilated area with ambient temperature.
3:Caution hot when using continuously for a long time. Do not put it on flammable materials for a long time, any fire or any safety problems caused by this will not be related
to the manufacturer and distributors.
4:Please check and replace the O-ring regularly to maintain the waterproof rating.
5:Please check and lubricate the threads regularly with professional lubricant.
6:Clean the contact surfaces regularly to keep the flashlight normal operation. If irregular strobe or failure to turn-on occurs, the contact surfaces may be dirty and requires cleaning by using alcohol cotton swabs.
7:Remove the battery from the flashlight during long term storage.
8:This flashlight is not intended to be used as a diving light.
9:Do not aim the flashlight directly at eyes. Users must be over 18 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children.

Existing reviews

Jack of all trades EDC
Size is just right, small enough to easily fit in a pocket, big enough to be gripped properly.
Clip is properly sturdy and also easy to use because of the tips shape.
Finishing quality feels very good.
UI is easy to learn and intuitive, escpecially the mode switch makes it hassle free and instantaneous to change from flood to spot, and it also feels pretty nice and tactile to flip.
Flood is as bright as you would ever need from a pocket light and the size of the spot is just about perfect for everyday use.
Only thing I might change is the position of the main switch to be next to the mode switch, but I dont know if that would be technically even possible without compromising the perfect size. Regardless you can still quite easily use it with only one hand.
All in all It's a well thought out little package. If they ever decide to release some cool special color options I'm sure to buy another one.
| 12/28/2023 12:39 AM
Love the M2 as i love the M1, what a great line!
Form factor is superb, direct and instant  access to high mode in throw. GREAT tint of led (throw optic) and really cool features in compact size and reasonable size. Can’t compare with M1 in throw but is a really must have for me. Love both, my favourite pocket flashlights with lot of options in beam patterns. WELL DONE ACEBEAM! High CRI VERY RECOMENDED
| 12/29/2023 12:45 AM
Perfect couple M1 and M2
Love the M line of Acebeam. I have M1 and M2.
M2 has a perfect form factor, instant access to high throw in its optic option and a really good tint in Led (throw option) despite de high CRI option in flood optics (very recomended)
It’s good for EDC, no competition with throw of M1 but M2 has advantajes in size and form.
I love both and congratulations for Acebeam, really good job on this M line. Waiting for nexts…
| 12/29/2023 6:18 AM
Most versatile light on the market
Most versatile light on the market. Easily pocketable, excellent build quality, excellent beam quality. Highly, highly recommended.
| 1/22/2024 10:34 PM
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