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L16 2.0 Tactical Flashlight


The ACEBEAM L16 2.0 is an upgraded version of the L16, designed as a long-range tactical flashlight aimed at providing professional users with enhanced performance and greater ease of use. Featuring an original Luminus SFT-40 LED, it delivers a maximum output of 2100 lumens and a beam distance of up to 670 meters, ensuring clear illumination of targets even in extreme conditions. The USB-C tail switch interface allows for quick scenario switching without the need to replace the tail cap, combining charging and tail switch functionality for easier operation. Additionally, the L16 2.0 supports simultaneous use and charging, greatly outperforming its predecessor L16.

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    • New Generation 2.0 powerful long range tacticla flashlight
    • 1x original Luminus SFT-40 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    • 2100 lumens max output (1 x ACEBEAM 21700 5000mAh)
    • 250hrs max runtime at moonlight
    • 670m max throw
    • 112225cd peak beam intensity
    • 6 Lighting levels + 1 strobe
    • Dual-switch design, evokes different modes with ease
    • Charging, lighting, you can do it simultaneously
    • Quick installation, allows you insert remote switch into USB-C port directly,  no need to unscrew the tail cap
    • Stylish grip design provides a comfortable and secure hold
    • 1.2m Impact resistant 
    • IP68
    • Size:153.2mm / 6"(L) x 40.5mm / 1.59"(head Φ) x 25.4mm / 1"(body Φ) 
    • Weight: 212g / 7.5oz(including battery)

    How to Operate?

    Side Switch
    • Single click to power ON/OFF
    • When flashlight is OFF, press and hold to enter moonlight mode
    • When flashlight is ON, press and hold to cycle through Low → Med 1 → Med 2 → High, which can be memorized. Release it to select the current mode
    • Double click to enter Turbo mode
    • Triple click to enter Strobe

    Tactical Tail Switch
    • Tap for momentary on and click to enter Turbo mode 
      Please note if click the Tactical Tail Switch at first, any Side Switch operation is useless.

    Lock & Unlock
    • When flashlight is OFF, press and hold the Side Switch for 3 seconds, the flashlight will be Locked after 3 times' Moonlight flashes. 
    It is useless for any operation now.
    • When flashlight is Locked, press and hold the Side Switch for 3 seconds, the flashlight will be Unlocked and enters Moonlight mode.

    Charging time
    ≈ 3 hours 20 minutes

    Indicator light
    Red light: charging
    Green light: fully charged

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