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Acebeam K75 High Power Flashlight

ACEBEAM K75 high-power flashlight is a professional searchlight in the palm of your hand, a well-deserved king of long-range shooting. It can subvert your imagination at any time! With a single LED as the light source and the same size reflective light cup technology, the beam range of K75 can reach 2500 meters! There are 6 different brightness outputs, which can produce up to 6,300 lumens of illumination and can also converge to only 7 lumens of extremely low fluorescent brightness, providing you with a variety of lighting options. K75 also has a dazzling stroboscopic function, which can send out a signal or disorient the target to play a self-help role. The K75 runs on four rechargeable 18650 batteries (sold separately), and there is also a Power mode and an ECO (energy-saving) mode to choose from. The battery life can be used for up to 7.5 days in the energy-saving mode! The K75 also has threaded holes for mounting brackets, which can be installed on a fixed bracket or a portable portable device that comes with it. The hollow hand-held designed handle reduces weight while increasing the aesthetics, which is very suitable for one-handed operation by search and rescue personnel. K75 is the pinnacle of LED flashlight technology.
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Still the throw King
Matt 2020/9/10 20:34
I measured 1,804,021cd (2686m beam distance) for the K75, I know the MF05 throws a little further but that light is way too big to be considered a flashlight/torch, there maybe the odd LEP light that can match the K75 but at only 500 lumens a laser is not very useful!!

The K75 is light, powerful, manoeuvrable and very useful.
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I want buy one
Mohammad 2021/1/27 7:49
I want  buy one
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Super-throw beast
Garreth 2021/3/22 3:09
This light is huge but still very well designed. Looks good and can still be handled in one hand fairly easily.

Its got the same great UI as most Acebeams but what sets it apart is its incredible throw.

This will throw light as far as you can see.

I was lucky to get one of the Camo versions and its one of my most prized pieces in my collection!
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Insane throw, reasonable size
Mykola 2021/6/7 2:02
What I like:
- throw/size index
- design
What I don’t like:
- there is no possibility to switch mode down

Since it consumes up to 10 Amps in power-turbo, your batteries mast be able to supply such amperage. Short circuit protection triggers on common protected batteries. There is no possibility to install unprotected flat-tops. So I recommend to buy this flashlight with batteries.
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ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A battery has a built-in USB-C port and can be charged directly with a USB-C cable or using a traditional charger like a ACEBEAM A4. It designed for powering high drain devices such as high-output flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and bike lights, as well as a variety of other appliances and devices. With built in smart charging circuitry and other integrated safety features through-out, this battery will safely work in the majority of button-top compatible devices.
The Acebeam K30-GT is the best compact flashlight equipped with a single piece of LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED, or an optional LUMINUS SBT-90 RED. With POWER and ECO options, K30-GT can provide a maximum 5500 lumens brightness in Power combined with a 1024-meters beam distance, while 3700 lumens in ECO with a beam of 863 meters. The aristocratic side switch provides intuitive one-handed operation with instant access to all the functions. Being powered by 3x18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries sealed into a waterproof and impact resistant body canister, ACEBEAM K30-GT can run 42 hours. ACEBEAM K30-GT is always an everyday tool for outdoor activities.