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H40 Running Headlamp

H40 Running Headlamp


For short hikes, walking the dog and well-lit repairs in and around the house, the Acebeam H40, equipped with one LED of 1050lm brightness, is an ideal running headlamp because of its tremendous power and lightweight.

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CREE XPL HI/luminus SST-20 4000 K 95 CRI

Indoor usage experience
I bought this headlight for reading books for my kid before sleeping. I selected HI CRI version.
So here is several points about my usage experience:
- the headlamp (at least SST option) has too tight hotspot. Thats good for throw but was inappropriate for my needs, so I’ve made small tuning: l’ve insert frosted film between glass lens and bezel.
- the UI is almost the best. It has momentary moonlight, smooth ramping, possibility to increase or decrease brightness, separate turbo (you shouldn’t worry about stepdown working with other mode). For my particular needs it was better to have ramping from moonlight. Actually, I think, such UI is the best EDC (why Acebeam don’t make EDC with such UI?)

Everything else corresponds product description.

One more point: I’ve tested this headlamp outside, and the constant brightness is enough for a walk or even run, but I think that XPL version will be better for such usage.
Mykola | 2021/5/25 4:49
Great Value
Great price for a headlamp with this level of performance!
Lo | 2021/8/31 10:18