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About Acebeam®


With the experience of OBM/ODM manufacturing for 6 years, additional 9 years of the autonomous brand R & D, manufacturing and sales, ACEBEAM established a retail network with partners in over 100 countries and regions globally. Covering tens of millions of users worldwide. ACEBEAM has won the recognition and praise of users for its high performance and excellent service, and is proud to be recognized as one of the high-end portable lighting equipment brands in the world.
We specialize in various product lines covering high-end flashlight, headlamp, bicycle lamp,EDC light and its accessories, and is widely used in professional fields such as law enforcement and security departments, industrial corporations and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.
We boast the most innovative designs and best user experience and performance in the industry: the world's one of the first most powerful searchlights X70 60,000lumens, the world's one of the high CRI headlamps H30, the world’s one of the longest range hunting flashlights L19, the one of the brands using customized TIR lens light E10. All kinds latest technologies of ACEBEAM are bold in applying them in the design of our illumination products.
We will uphold the brand spirit of remaining true to our original aspiration, while keeping our mission firmly in mind. Contributing to the society through our corporate social responsibility efforts, on both domestic and international scale.


2006~2011: YiNeng Company founded in 2006, success counted on our innovative ideas in R & D, marketing expertise, cost-effective solutions as well as the loyalty to our customers. With the vision of being the forerunner in lighting industry.To help support the development of the OBM/ODM brands and ensure prosperity for all their brands.

2012: SupBeam Established ! Produced the featured "L" Series L15/L25A/L25B.

2013: SupBeam was known as the new marks K40/X40.


ACEBEAM aims to produce the “ACE” lighting tools for flashaholics/ outdoor enthusiasts.

2015: ACEBEAM Search Flashlight X60 Debut ! The first brand of releasing the 10,000lumens high output,long distance,magnetic rechargeable, stands above the competition.

2016: ACEBEAM New Throw King K70 Debut ! Max throw 1300meters, Magnetic ring design. This much - loved and affordable is enjoyed by all fans/collectors till today.

2017: ACEBEAM established a retail network with partners in over 100 countries and regions globally. Became a member of the major international industry associations PLATO (Portable Lights American                 Trade Organization).

2018: ACEBEAM was over 15 new and innovative models on display IWA Exhibition ! Successfully signed over 100 order contracts with partners in worldwide.
         The X70 60,000lumens output represents a new benchmark in portable lighting.
         The first generation W10, W30 LEP Flashlight Debut.

2019: ACEBEAM TK17 Titanium, TK16/TK18-Copper EDC flashlights Debut ! Your high-end stylish EDC collection. Lighting your next adventure has never looked this good!

2020: ACEBEAM unmatched "L" Long Range Series completed.The first brand of using customized” TIR” lens. ACEBEAM products are widely used and recognized by major national departments such as the             German Military Department, the France&Australia Police, the Saudi Arabia Border Defense etc. ACEBEAM is one of the suppliers of Chinese Adventure Team.

Future: Develop new products, extend more markets,surpass ourself ! Never forget to make the “ACE” illumination equipment.