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Amazing light 5
The beam is great, light output is nice and extends far. I purchased two and love it.
| 2023/5/19 12:40
perfect tactical edc 5
padu . sangat senang pakai 2 switch . compact bila genggam . sgt sesuai untuk pekweja pejawat awam
along | 2023/5/19 15:15
A tiny tactical beast 5
This is so impressive as a small 18650 torch it wipes the floor with others in its glass way better than olight warrior mini 2 and many others in this size range the tor lens is amzing and the machine work on this finish is so solid and smooth ! Amzing acebeam is my fav brand and I’ve tried many
| 2023/6/6 15:34
Fantastic Torch 5
This is a very powerful tactical torch for its size with amazing throw!! The only issue I have with this light is why NO firefly mode Acebeam?? All the other P Series lights have moon/firefly This mode is a must for retaining night vision and a low profile!! This was a bad oversight and if a 2.0 version comes down the line please Install 1-2 lumen firefly!!!
| 2023/6/17 12:13