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well built 5
This is a well built tactical thrower, and the dual switches are good to use.  It’s also a complete package, which is a nice touch.
along | 2022/10/31 23:15
Really great compact tactical Flashlight 5
I've been looking for compact tactical flashlight and P16 has everything that i want. Solid build, good throwie with SFT-40. Perfectly splendid!
| 2022/11/15 17:40
Perfect 5
Comfortable grip, beautiful beam and throw, useful spot. And of course instant turbo and strobe.
| 2023/6/9 11:24
Very Solid Tactical Flashlight 5
The Defender P16 is an extremely well-built flashlight. The body is solid metal with knurling on the body for extra grip. Th P16 is built to handle the kind of abuse a soldier might throw its way while operating in the field. It is hands down a flashlight worth buying.
| 2024/1/19 23:32