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gread 14500 flashlight 5
great edc flashlight I really like the design. small and bright. affordable . very satisfied
along | 2022/8/12 1:58
Great EDC! 5
Fantastic AA/14500 light. Affordable, solid build with a high CRI LED. Love the metallic orange finish. I hope Acebeam considers even more colors and finishes in future versions.
| 2022/8/25 6:07
Excellent EDC with high CRI led 5
If you’ve ever tried to compare a 6–7000k cool white led with low CRI with a high CRI 5000k led, you know the reason of buying this premium little one!One of these is always in my pocket.
| 2023/4/6 17:36
The lightweight 5
It's my favourite lamp, always with me everywhere. It is very easy to use and has a beautiful light, you don't even notice the weight. In short, the perfect companion.
| 2023/6/10 20:04