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Beautiful, functional performance 4
I like triples and quads with broad wide beams, and this E70 Mini has become my recent favorite. The awesome & new 519A @ 5000K R9080 emitter behind TIR provides a flawless wide beam (around 30 deg to my eyes), great neutral tint for outdoors, no tint shift, and beautiful color rendition. Some may prefer warmer CCTs, especially for indoors, but I think 5000K is perfect for outdoors.

The brightness levels are all perfectly selected, I can dial it in for good balance of runtime & brightness no matter what the situation. Since my hikes are varied in length between 1-6 hours, I really like that I can select a level that gives me runtime suitable to hike length. 170 lm for 7 hours is more than adequate for most things. I think the lowest mode is perfect too, which I will use during full moon low-light hike.

I think this light should be 5 stars, but I am giving it 4.5 for only one reason: the springs are too short for normal flat top batteries to work reliably. You will need at least button top, and the selection of flat tops, depending on where you live, is always smaller than flat tops.

I am hoping Acebeam can release a side-clicky version of this light, and an E70 (full size) quad 519 5000K as well. Additional improvements would be allow the blue collar for removal and cleaning, as dirt will collect in there. A great companion would be a H17 with the same emitter.

In short, this light will replace a large swath of my collection. I've already ordered a few, I can not be without this one.
| 2022/6/28 2:54