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Very good flashlight 5
Really impressed with this light. Good range  and brightness. Doesn’t heat up much.
| 2022/8/30 12:37
sft40 5
beam labih cantik berbanding model lama . switch dah gelap nampak lagi menarik model baru ni . antara SFT40 LED dengan Osram LED . SFT40 pilihan hati
along | 2022/9/22 2:08
The perfect flashlight 5
I have the L19 1.0 and absolutely love it so I got the 2.0 for my father. It does not disappoint! Although the throw isn’t as far as the 1.0, the spot is wider and much more usable. It’s a great addition to the Acebeam family and a great next generation to the L19! I would highly recommend!
| 2022/12/7 6:06
This is perfect 5
The best thrower ever !! Small in comparison to others with this output, incredibly well made super slick buttons and a perfect beam I have the 1300m version and love it so much I’ve orderd the green now aswell
| 2023/5/15 17:09
The green monster 5
This green version of the l19 really throws out a green beam for 1500 odd meters, it’s incredible and so lightweight an excellent long range torch for hunting or just fun
| 2023/5/31 20:02