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Very bright light 5
I love this lights brightness and adjustments for different lighting needs. Battery life is big to sustain on the job.
Kerin B. | 2023/1/20 1:27
High performance headlamp 5
This is my third ACEBEAM headlamp. It survived hot, cold, snow, rain and everything else my job threw at me. If you are looking for a headlamp that far exceeds the ones you can get at department stores or even the better models at stores like REI, I personally recommend this one.
| 2023/2/11 17:03
Type-C rechargeable headlamp 5
I really like this headlamp is rechargeable by Type-C rechargeable cable (included). This is a very solid, waterproof headlamp with 5 years warranty also; it's a perfect choice for yourself or as a gift for someone who camps or outdoormen.
| 2023/2/14 0:06
Unbelievably bright 5
This is a great headlight. Plenty bright.
| 2023/3/12 19:03
Much better headlamp than what I purchased before 5
I purchased several headlamps from Cabelas before and have not been able to find a good one until I find this one. It is a much better, wide beam, very bright, easier to use and better made. When walking my dogs at night and I can see everything around me! That's why I am here to recommend it. Thanks!
| 2023/3/13 6:08
Useful and like 5
It is useful for Professional Outdoors, Camping and Hunting Use
Rather Rugged and high quality! Simple and practical. The light headlmap covers all my needs. Like it!
| 2023/3/14 9:03