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Amazing light! 4
Where to begin?

The design Is a home run, the material use now is great. I have the stainless steel & aluminium version but this one is definitely my user and favo. The double click to activate is such a great feature, no need for an lockout.

The user interface is great, the output is just amazing. Because of being titanium it doenst handle heet well even at 650 lumens after 5 min it does get hot. At 4k lumens you can smell the Titanium when using the light it gets that hot, only thing I need is an battery indicator to see what the battery lvl us during use and this is a must imo on a good high end production flashlight.

Get this light you won't be disappointed!
Tom | 2021/7/10 18:29
Great light! 5
Exactly what I expected. Great finish, hefty and bright. I love the blue accents and the clip is heavy duty. I was tired of plain black lights and this fit the bill perfectly. Great service and shipping too!
Carl | 2021/7/19 13:46
awesome flashlight 5
durable titanium metal with rainbow PVD coating is awesome! E70 series flashlights are very bright for its size, but titanium heating fast in turbo mode
Ioannis | 2021/8/28 19:50
great material 5
E70 TI memang sedap ringan. stonewashed titanium. dalam dia biru. 2 click turn on. no need lock mode. bagi aku aku hntam je tlis apa pon. jnji dpt mrkh. terbaik Acebeam.
along | 2021/8/30 18:46
One of the most exquisite flashlights on the market 5
If the aluminum E07 is an incredible flashlight, the titanium Rainbow PVD is simply stunning. The finish is perfect, the clip is huge and imposing.  The whole flashlight is a piece of engineering worthy of admiration.

A recommended purchase for every flashlight fan and enthusiast of the best finishes.
Alejandro | 2021/9/10 17:47
It Is Worth Every Penny! 5
I have  large collection of flashlights from simple AA small ones to several 18650 and 21700. This is my first Acebeam. I’ve heard of the brand and read good reviews, but it never happened that a flashlight bought my attention, until I saw the E70 in Titanium. I was sold on the look alone, but I did read/watch a couple of reviews before going for the CRI95+ version. This is a $200+ flashlight. I’ve been using it for a bit more than a week now and I am absolutely satisfied with the purchase. Again, the esthetics are amazing, but the double layer barrels with the grooves serve as an excellent heat radiator which makes the flashlight runs longer on the highest lumens. The brushes titanium is probably the best option to sustain hard use and potential scratches. But for me, the best thing is the high CRI. It is 2,500 lumens instead of the regular 4,600, but boy it is fascinating. To be honest, as much as I love extra lumens, 2500 are plenty, and for me the true color definition is very important. I’ve been using it extensively for the past week, and it didn’t disappoint me the slightest. I’d I have to criticize anything, it is not the flashlight itself, it is the the pouch that comes with it. It looks and feels cheap. Besides that, I doubt anyone will be disappointed with it.

I will update my review in a couple of weeks when I use it more.
Ali | 2021/10/15 8:08
Solid 5
The clip is what sold me on this flashlight. It feels heavy and solid in your hand for self defense as well as stellar lumens. I am a fan of the double click feature as well.
Lo | 2021/11/29 12:38
Best looking EDC light ever! 4
I've been carrying EDC light since forever. But this one is by far the best looking! I love the cutouts, the blue details, the strike bezel and the look of the stonewashed titanium!
The UI is great as well. The output is amazing! Bright as the sun on turbo mode! The beam profile and reach is perfect for an EDC.
There are just three downsides in my oppinion: I love titanium but its heat flux is highly inferior to aluminum which is why the light gets super hot and need to throttle the output really quick.
Another thing I like on lights and which is missing on the E70 is a battery indicator to see when to charge the light.
The last point is the price. I know titanium and its machining is really expensive but there are many lights from competitors which are a lot cheaper. But this is not a deal breaker on the E70 TI because you will get an exclusive and super high quality light!
| 2022/4/5 17:55
E70-TI: the journey continues 5
There are products that make rational folks part ways with their hard-earned cash. The E70 series is exactly that kind of product. Last year, I got the Stainless-Steel build and now I add the E70-TI Stonewashed finish to my collection.  The build and finish of these flashlights is admirable. I look forward to adding the PVC Rainbow version next!
Lawrence | 2022/8/6 13:34