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absolute stunner my God! 5
This beauty came in the mail today! It's an absolute stunner my God! She's heavy but in a good way. Love the feel in hand. And the performance is amazing!
Glad I picked it up during the sale.
Daniel | 2021/6/5 16:55
A Bautiful Flashlight 5
I got the E70-SS a few days ago and I must say it is the most beatiful flashlight I own, and I own many. The way the blue contrasts the stainless steel gives this flashlight a lot of character and the switch is just phenomenal with a great user interface that is very intuitive to use. I cannot say enough about how nice this flashlight is to look at as well as hold and the machining is just amazing. It is very bright on turbo and the runtimes are very good considering the outputs. I would definitly recommend this flashlight to anyone looking for a flashlight that is much an art piece as it is a flashlight.
Steven | 2021/6/7 11:38
The new E70 SS is absolutely amazing. Every detail is perfectly thought out, right down to the blue accent tube and the matching blue screws that hold the pocket clip. The machining is next level, especially considering it's stainless steel. The output is great with the XHP70.2, and the run times are even better. I'm still working through run time tests...but so far every output level has had longer than claimed times! The orange peel reflector gives a nice even beam pattern that is mostly flood, but still has a nice defined hotspot that reaches out a few hundred meters no problem while lighting up everything in between like day. The UI is awesome for EDC...similar to Andruil but with double tap for on which I love for pocket use (eliminates the need for lockout). I have carried the light for quite a few days now, and haven't had it accidentally activate yet. Also having mode memory, moonlight, and strobe makes it useful for any EDC needs. Being stainless steel, the E70 SS has a good bit of weight to it which makes it great for police/security/self defense. I now have over 30 flashlights, and I feel like many are gonna become shelf queens because this beauty is gonna be my go-to. Acebeam has really hit it out of the park with the E70 SS!!!
Zackary | 2021/6/10 19:01
Solid as a rock! 5
The SS version of the E70 is a noticeable improvement over the regular aluminum version, especially the clip, which is miles better.  This is a powerful, yet compact light.  The UI is easy to use and very intuitive.  Make sure you get it with the Acebeam 21700 battery, because that fits the best.  Highly recommended!
Stephen | 2021/6/17 8:57
Surprise hit! 5
I was skeptical about 3 things when buying this light.

1. The double-click for On UI.

2. The weight of a SS light this size.

3. The general appearance.  There is a lot going on with this design.

Well, I ended up purchasing it and was pleasantly surprised!

The weight is obviously pretty heavy, but it actually feels great in the hand still.

The double-click On feature is actually awesome and I'd like it on more of my lights. Especially considering the E70 has the best tailswitch you can get. Double-clicking is no problem at all.

Once I saw the light in person I was actually very impressed. All the design elements really do work. The highly for me is probably the pocket clip. It's a work of art in itself.
Garreth | 2021/7/2 8:42
beautiful SS 5
terbaik bosku. tak mengecewakan. 4000 Lumens sangat memuas kan dgn mengguna xhp70.2 flood dia cantik
along | 2021/8/22 22:51
This was an impulse purchase. Oh my, does the E70-SS have striking good looks and every bit matching the glamourous photos on Acebeam’s site.  The milling is exemplary and you cannot ignore that authoritative heft.  Calling it an EDC might be a stretch and the stainless steel construction isn’t going to match the thermal conductivity of aluminum so it is understandable that Turbo and High specifications have been dialed back compared to the aluminum version.   But who would really mind trading modestly lower lumens for more run time?  4000 floody lumens in Turbo mode is already the shizzle.  You want a conversation piece this is the flashlight to add to your collection!
Lawrence | 2021/9/13 8:05
Best Looking Flashlight 5
This stainless steel version is absolutely the best looking and feeling flashlight I own, and I own a lot of lights. I got the high cri version and can’t be more pleased. The tent is perfect and colors really pop! Not sure what emitter this light has but it blows away any Nichia or Samsung I have ever seen. Rock solid flashlight and totally worth every penny.
| 2021/12/9 8:38