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The versatility is great! 5
It is a little larger than a typical Every Day Carry (EDC), but again, no smaller flashlight can give this level of performance or last as long on a charge for a given light output. And the versatility is great. I can use it indoors and close up on low settings and still light up my world outside.
Jim E. | 2021/7/19 10:54
An EDC with a story 5
I like this material very much, it reminds me of my grandfather. This is an EDC with a story. I like it enough, I just ordered 2 more for gifts.
PAT R. | 2021/7/19 10:58
I now have both the E70-SS and the E70-CU, and they are both amazing high performance lights. Amazing Acebeam build quality, awesome drivers, great run times and tons of output from the XHP70.2 emitter. The E70 series are pushing limits of technology, and making a huge stir in the industry! The Copper came wrapped nicely in a vacuum sealed bag so it was beautifully polished for unboxing photos. Then after only a few days it started to develop a beautiful patina. I'm looking forward to the nice antique look as it ages. The Copper edition definitely hits the claimed 4600 lumens, and handles the heat extremy well due to the heat transferring properties of Copper. The SS and CU models are both works of art, but the CU is definitely the better performer of the two. The UI is great (only way it could be better is by adding a ramping mode along with the stepped mode), very easy to use and the double click for on is a great feature to prevent accidental activation without having to lock out the light. Every detail is well thought out, machining is immaculate, and it meets or exceeds every claimed performance spec. This will be a family heirloom for sure and hopefully will pass down the generations 👌🔦. Looking forward to finishing up my full review and posting it to my website for everyone to enjoy!
Zackary | 2021/7/27 1:11
beautiful cu 5
ini lah Acebeam pertama. design dia memang cantik. keseluruhannya semua memuas kan
along | 2021/8/22 22:49
Amazing Light 5
Absolutely love the look and feel of this light. It is very bright on turbo mode. Will definitely be purchasing from this company again. From order to delivery was 13 days which is completely normal for something coming from China.
| 2022/3/28 22:08