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L19 camo 5
Aspetto con ansia che ritorni la disponibilità del colore Camo n°9 di questa L19 perché è veramente stupendo.
La torcia si descrive da sola è potentissima e allo stesso tempo dalle dimensioni giuste soprattutto per chi la usa per la caccia
Mauro | 2021/3/23 5:39
Finalmente 5
È arrivata la disponibilità della L19 serie limitata camo, la numero 9 è bellissima vi vonsiglio di non farvi scappare questa opportunità
Mauro | 2021/4/2 5:11
My favorite thrower on the market. 5
I have a fairly extensive collection of throwers. Many of them higher candela than the L19. But overall, the L19 takes the top spot.

The beam profile is just perfect and it throws plenty far. The dual switches are a nice feature in a super thrower as well.

Die to the TIR optics the L19 is smaller than most super throwers as well. Very impressive light.
Garreth | 2021/7/2 8:37
like the L19 camo 9 5
i really like the size of this light. It is in the form factor of a tactical flashlight but with a slightly bigger head. Now the magic comes in with the OSRAM LED that is designed for throw matched with the TIR lens to make sure no light is lost. Usually, you would need a much bigger reflector to get this amount of throw.
along | 2021/11/26 14:47
l19 camo 5
What say? The better tacticl flahlight I've bought. Power throw and a nice style in camo version. Thanks Acebeam.
| 2022/2/9 5:28
If you love the L19 and want something special, get the L19 Camo! 5
There is not much to say about the Camo L19. I'm already a big fan of the normal Acebeam L18, L18 Camo and L19.
The color of this one is just awesome! I have ordered the Camo 5 design. I looks so neat and special. It really stands out in my flashlight shelf. Even next to my L18 Camo. Because every Camo light does have a unique pattern!
| 2022/4/11 4:13
discrete throw 5
Very niece beam profile with dim, wide spill and bright tight spot - very good light for precise work, especially mid/long range shooting.
| 2022/6/17 14:55