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L19 PM1
Tan 2021/1/18 17:34
Highly compact and powerful light at a glance. Its easy to use and quite convenient.

Turbo mode was amazing almost like the little brother of the sbt90.2 led.

And most importantly, its uses the most popular 21700 batteries avail in the market now. Dont wait guys.
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Very Pleased with green
Alexander 2021/3/15 10:35
I’m very pleased with this amazing light - It’s truly a powerhouse! The build is quality and the operation is easy with impressive output. I highly recommend this light. Don’t forget to add a 21700 battery to the order if you don’t already have 21700 batteries.
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Mauro 2021/3/23 20:26
Straordinaria, compatta e potentissima, assolutamente da provare sia per appassionati ma per tutti visto il prezzo molto onesto.
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