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Perfect thrower 5
There is a lot of throwers on the market but L18 is the best in my opinion because it has the best distance/power/stamina/body size ratio. USB-C rechargeable 21700 5100mAh battery is included, that's nice touch as well and you can use it as a power bank, how cool is that! The mashining is astonishing and the knurling as a helix is nice idea.
In general is this trhower the best in his category and I'm very happy with it.

One little thing, the cover of the pouch could be little bit longer to secure the light in it better but works as it is.
Vlkodlaq | 2020/12/4 22:47
Medium sized thrower perfection. 5
The L18 is a medium sized thrower with a TIR optic which creates an excellent beam profile.

I love the dual switch format.

Not a mega-thrower but for any normal purposes this is really all the throw you need.

Like other Acebeams, the fit and finish is spot on!
Garreth | 2021/3/20 6:58
The Acebeam L18 is an amazing compact TIR OSRAM thrower that definitely hits the claimed 1000m mark. Because of the TIR, it also has enough useful spill for walking/hiking while still being able to throw a nice tight beam way out there. The quality and finish is typical Acebeam excellence. Having the dual tail switch with the electronic side switch is also a great bonus. Just a beauty piece of gear!
Zackary | 2021/4/20 22:10
Compact thrower with mid-size capabilities 5
In real it looks smaller than on photo. Thanks to TIR optics it has great range in such compact size. And it really handy.
It closes 600m easily.
Actually I can't find any weaknesses or items to improve on this thrower.
Mykola | 2021/6/21 18:41
nice beam 5
sangat suka pada pembuatan nya. cahaya nya juga bagus. keluasan cahayanya juga masih jelas. 1500 lumens dengan 1km sangat bagus. paling saya suka adalah tahap kalis air nya. IPX8 memboleh kan saya di saat hujan
along | 2021/9/24 23:06
Dual Switch Perfection 5
I purchased the camo version of this light and love it’s performance. The option to hold it both ways in your hand with the dual switches is great. Love the tail switch direct to  turbo capability. Throws across my entire property and leaves nothing wanting in terms of distance. I wanted a compact thrower and Acebeam delivered!
Lo | 2021/11/29 12:45