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Incredibly incredible best flashlight 5
First of all, I want to say.
Why did you discontinue this light, Acebeam!

As you can see, this light has LEDs on the periphery and in the center, each with its own separate function.
The peripheral one is a TIR and the central one is a smooth reflector, creating flood and spot light respectively in the most efficient way.
The great thing about this light is that not only does it have three modes (periphery only, center only, and all), but each mode has its own brightness level, and it is very easy to switch between these complicated modes.
Up to 7000lm with a single 21700 which is the best standard in the world., isn't that amazing?
Not only that, the X10 has two switches, but you can switch between the modes with just one switch. Great!

As I mentioned above, the features are perfect.
But what about the appearance?
As you can see, it's great!
It's great and it's probably more compact than you think.

I want to say it again. Why did you discontinue it!
If you've seen this review, when you see the X10 in stock, buy it ASAP!
Yasuaki | 2021/6/16 20:56
Addendum to my above review 5
Perhaps, through today's crab picking, I may have understood why X10 was discontinued.

This light is indeed very bright.
However, the size of this head may be a little small to catch the amount of heat that comes from its brightness.

For example, no one will complain if you make the heatsink as long as L19, or if you make the diameter as large as T27, if not T28.
Because the X10 has LEDs x10.
All three of the above have only one LED each.

That's the only very minor inconvenience I felt today.
Here's hoping the X10 Gen2 improves on that!
I'll 'definitely' buy it when it's released, so please don't ever let this lineage die out!
Yasuaki | 2021/6/17 4:59