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First Acebeam! Won’t be the Last! 5
I have a friend that has purchased 2 so far, the K65 and the EC60 I believe, they were both extremely good quality. So I decided to get this TK18 as my first Acebeam. If you want a more detailed video go to my YouTube channel
Photonsacrosstheair and look for Acebeam TK18
If you want Power go for the Samsung, but if you want intensity, definitely get the Osrams. The only bad thing is that the head gets blistering hot after about 30 seconds, but this is normal due to the driver and Emitters being in such a small space. I’ve never seen a multiple emitter light have such a high Intensity rate. Anyways!, I strongly recommend this light :)
Richard | 2020/1/20 1:50
Great EDC light 5
The TK18 is a great EDC light. I like the Osram LED version the best!
| 2022/4/21 6:46