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EDC Light 5
TK16 kecil tp puas hati dengan batri IMR 16340NP-500A 1800 Lumens. EDC paling recommended dengan size mcm ni. boleh sangkut di cap untuk jadi head light untuk free hand. blh custom batri apa jenis 16340. Tq
along | 2021/8/30 19:12
You should keep it in your bag. 5
It is very bright and unobtrusive at this small size.
Very helpful.
Kazunari | 2021/11/5 14:03
Powerhouse In Your Pocket 5
Pocket size powerhouse at an affordable price! Hard to find so many lumens in such a compact size.
Lo | 2021/11/29 12:51
Acebeam TK16 Review 5

Acebeam TK16 Review  

Possible versions of this flashlight
Two possible body material to choose from, aluminium or raw cupper material. The optic is of TIR (Total Internal Reflection) type.
Both the aluminium, - and the raw cupper versions can be ordered with one of three different LED configurations:
3*OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG 1300 lumens Throw 338M
3*LUMINUS SST-20 CRI95 1250 lumens or,
3*CREE XPG 3 1800 lumens

For this review the aluminium version with 3*OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG is used.

Delivery package
Nice looking sturdy package. The flashlight has a good protection during the transport.
Points/Maximal points: 5/5

Included accessories
The package includes most of what’s needed, including a ACEBEAM branded IMR 16340 550 mAh rechargeable battery. The flashlight can use CR123A battery's as well, then with reduced power.
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

User manual
The user manual Includes all basic information, but I would appreciate a larger text font.
Points/Maximal points: 4,5/5

Available functions
All basic functions inclusive direct access to low mode is there.
There are both a Power and an ECO function on this flashlight., The ECO function reduce the power on Turbo mode to save some battery life.
Low battery warning using the RCR123A battery16340: With the flashlight On, and the voltage dropping to 31V it will step down to low mode, and twinkle 3 times per 5 sec.
If you instead use the CR123A battery this warning will appear by 2.1V.
You can lock the light both electronically and mechanically, the last by simply turn the end cap 1/4 a turn or so.
Despite that the control button is in the rear, you can tail stand the flashlight on, for example, a table.
I would have liked a built-in charging possibility with a USBC charging function on the light, or at least,on the battery
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Light performance
Bright for its size, 1 300Lumens/28 500 candela rated. That gives a calculated beam distance of throw for 338 m. My unprofessional measurements were a little lower than the rated values, but still an impressing range for this size of light tough.
Points/Maximal points: 8,5/10

Light "quality"
The Acebeam TK16 have, despite its quite a lot of throw, enough spill at the same time. This combination makes it very suitable to use is an EDC light.
My guestimate for the colour temperature is, between 5 000 and 6 000 K. I like that to.
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Runtimes is fairly good, for example Acebeam claims 50 min of runtime when using the High level (478 lumens), and 1h 15min using the High level in ECO mode.
When you use turbo mode is the runtime in practice very short. Little more runtime should have been possible if the battery size used was 18350 instead of RCR123 (16340). Of course, the flashlight should have been somewhat larger and heavier then…
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Ease to use
The different flashlight functions are easy to understand and to use. The rubber control button is in the rear so you can always find it even, in the dark.
The kind of knurling used, provides a very god grip, vell balanced between grip and roughness.
It should have been even better with a pocket clip which admits that the flashlight can be kept bout lens up or lens down in your pocket.
Points/Maximal points: 9,5/10

Form factor
With its length of 66.5mm (2.61”) and a bezel diameter of 23 mm (0.9") and a weight including battery, of only 54g (1,9oz), makes this flashlight really pocketable, it is even easy to forget that you have the TK16 in your pocket. It is probably hard to make a flashlight with this kind of performance much smaller and lighter.
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Build quality/finish
Very nice looks and finish. The cupper ring in front, and the copper-coloured pocket clip makes it even nicer!
Perfectly centred leds. It is a great feeling of quality in this flashlight.
Points/Maximal points: 10/10

Value for money
This flashlight is not the cheapest 16340 EDC light you can buy, but it has strong performance, is very well built, and is easy to use and carry.
That it also locks terrific doesn't make it worse...
Points/Maximal points: 8/10

Total points: 93/100 This is a “Five Star” product!

And finally, the most important questions: Want to have/buy again?
Yes, absolutely! When should walk outside, and reach for a flashlight, I most often automatically takes the Acebeam TK16 among the quit I few EDC light I own.
In my opinion This is a very good choice!

Lennart A.
Lennart | 2022/7/29 2:26
New favorite EDC flashlight 5
I bought the OSRAM version of the TK16 and wow! It is an awesomely small torch! I can’t believe how much throw this has in such a small form factor. It is my new favorite EDC flashlight. The button is tactile and feels great. The UI is the same as most of the Acebeam flashlights which I am a huge fan of. It’s also a very aesthetically pleasing flashlight. I loved the TK16 so much that I bought the high CRI LUMINUS version which is absolutely fantastic as well for taking pictures in dark places or wanting to see things in their true color. I highly recommend this flashlight to anyone looking for a new EDC flashlight; you won’t regret buying this light.
| 2022/12/7 6:18