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Lightweight powerful nicely finished 5
Nicely finished, very bright light. Ace beam builds the copper tube over a stainless steel shell which adds strength and reduced weight. It also keeps the light cooler than the solid copper lights in my collection. The finish work is nicely done with square threads and a tight seal. The beam pattern is nicely focused with a bit of spill- not as defined as the TK18 but more spot intensive. The brightness is amazing for such a compact light, but done expect the battery to last very long!  The tail switch is light to operate and the operating logic is intuitive. Overall a nice light for the price- but definitely invest in another battery!
Dean | 2021/1/26 10:45
very nice EDC 5
very beautiful lamp very resistant I like a lot for everyday use  the brightness is perfect thank you ace beam
levesque | 2021/5/8 22:16
perfect EDC 5
beautiful lamp     very resistant.    I like a lot for everyday use                             the brightness is perfect.                                                                                       the battery last very long                                                                                             thanks ace beam  for this lamp
David | 2021/5/8 23:01