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Please Donate The W30 Thank You Acebeam 5
I Believe that all nature and it’s Authentic Look , on life will never find something that could replace or authentify the look under a little hint of pure mineral phosphorus light.. only the W30 can match  and overide any flashlight there is on the market, ..? Take it from me ,  The Nature Rock Guy Armando..
Agosto | 2020/8/26 19:58
W30 5
Mega light
Tomas | 2020/8/26 21:00
white laser beam 5

Finally got this monster at auction. Absolutely one of the most astonish flashlight I’ve ever seen. I wanna try this machine for diving someday!
Yoshikaze | 2021/10/1 13:30
Max Distance 5
The distance of this beam throw is insane! Great distance light!
Lo | 2022/4/18 15:59
Wow 5
The Acebeam W30 LEP flashlight is a remarkable light that sets a new standard for illumination. With its outstanding performance, impressive throw distance, and unparalleled build quality, it is the perfect companion for countless adventures or emergency situations. If you're looking for a high-quality flashlight that combines power, reliability, and light only where you want it, then the W30 is an excellent choice
Robert | 2023/6/27 11:55