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ACEBEAM K75 high-power flashlight is a professional searchlight in the palm of your hand, a well-deserved king of long-range shooting. It can subvert your imagination at any time! With a single LED as the light source and the same size reflective light cup technology, the beam range of K75 can reach 2500 meters! There are 6 different brightness outputs, which can produce up to 6,300 lumens of illumination and can also converge to only 7 lumens of extremely low fluorescent brightness, providing you with a variety of lighting options. K75 also has a dazzling stroboscopic function, which can send out a signal or disorient the target to play a self-help role. The K75 runs on four rechargeable 18650 batteries (sold separately), and there is also a Power mode and an ECO (energy-saving) mode to choose from. The battery life can be used for up to 7.5 days in the energy-saving mode! The K75 also has threaded holes for mounting brackets, which can be installed on a fixed bracket or a portable portable device that comes with it. The hollow hand-held designed handle reduces weight while increasing the aesthetics, which is very suitable for one-handed operation by search and rescue personnel. K75 is the pinnacle of LED flashlight technology.