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An all terrain vehicle, is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles, Acebeam follow this idea and present the new all brightness led headlamp H15 to meet multiple outputs from 10lm to 2500lm,and special modes. Acebeam H15 coupled with an CREE XHP70.2 LED,orange peel reflector,including Acebeam 3100mAh 20A protected 18650 battery,IPX6 sealing and aerospace-grade 6063 aluminium alloy body with Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish. There is magnetic ring and switch on the head, rotating the ring have 4 different positions,we call them: Eco mode(10-20-35-50lm) apply to night reading; Low mode(50-90-150-250lm) apply to night running; Med mode(250-320-500-700lm) apply to daily use; High mode(700-1000-1500-2000lm) apply to searching; Click the switch for different outputs' circulation. In emergency situations if you need vast brightness, Double click the switch activates 2500lm and Triple click activates Strobe; There is SOS mode we designed and hope you never using, keep press and hold the switch for 1s when the light is off. What will do to these multiple lumens from Acebeam H15? Let's go and start having fun.
CREE XP-L High Intensity
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H30 is a compact and high-power headlamp, and it is also the brightest LED headlamp on the market driven by a single 21700 battery. Suitable for mining, exploration and outdoor search.The brightness of 4000LM is enough for you to deal with the dark night calmly. Under normal circumstances, we do not need an external redundant power supply to reduce the weight of outdoor assembly, only a 5100mah 21700 is enough.A variety of color LED configurations are available to enrich your application scenarios: red light is suitable for outdoor environments, thanks to the visual comfort of red light, it does not attract insects, and it is low reflectivity and visibility; green light is suitable for hunting environments, because some animals are not sensitive to green light. On the contrary, human beings are very sensitive to green; UV light is suitable for identification and evidence collection, which can easily identify blood stains and other biochemical substances, and is also conducive to the identification of currency; high color rendering light has the ability to present the original color of the light source, achieving better lighting effect. High-efficiency constant current circuit design scheme, no waste of power. Adjustable headlamp clip to meet your lighting needs from different angles.
H50, "Chinese Exploration Team" designated led headlamp. The unique parallel 3 LEDs are used to increase the light-emitting angle, allowing your vision to be wider, even in a dark cave environment or a small space, you can see the surrounding environment without a doubt. Also, H50 features 3 of the selected LEDs and can be toggled between Triple-On, Two-Side-On, and Middle-On. Provide 3 kinds of LED options: long-range LED, used for scenes that need to illuminate a long distance; high color-rendering LED, color rendering index>90, highly restored the true color of things, making your vision more clear and true; high Brightness LED, meet the demand of extreme brightness. Adjustable headlamp clip to meet your multi-angle lighting needs. As a professional outdoor adventure headlamp, H50 deserves it.