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H50 Triple LED Wide Beam Angle Rechargeable Headlamp

The Acebeam H50 is an incredibly bright LED headlamp that features an array of three LEDs of your choice. The LED is available as either extra powerful Samsung, neutral white Nichia or long throwing Osram. Each H50 model Headlamp features three of the selected LED and can toggled between all-on, sides only and center LED on, allowing for a wide variety of light levels and quality. Each LED array has it's own set of light levels between turbo and moonlight, topping out with the Samsung LED's 2000 Lumens, a shocking amount of light that makes it great for outdoor use. The lighting unit is controlled by a single, top-mounted switch that is easy to press in the dark or while wearing heavy work gloves. A comfortable and adjustable head strap keeps the light secure at all times and allows for easy hands-free lighting. On top of all that, this light is USB-C rechargeable and can quickly charge an 18650 battery right inside the light. H50 headlamp will satisfy your various lighting needs when searching, caving, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, etc.

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