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The Acebeam L-series of tactical flashlights have been around for a few years now. Starting with the Acebeam L16 which was introduced in the Summer of 2017, followed by the Acebeam L17 introduced in the Summer of 2020. The L17 featured some interesting design changes, swapping the L16’s reflector for a TIR optic and the Cree XHP35-HI LED for an OSRAM W2 LED. When I reviewed it, although it didn’t fully live up to Acebeam’s specs, I found the L17 to be a great performer, being plenty bright and throwing nearly 700 meters. That’s quite remarkable for a flashlight smaller than a standard C8. Fast-forward a couple months and we have the L18. It features some welcome design changes including a 21700-size battery, side switch, and has a new, larger optic. Acebeam says the changes are good for 1000 meters of throw and 1500 Lumens. Hmm. Is this another bold claim or will the Acebeam L18 actually improve on the L17? I’m still skeptical, but let’s see!

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