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商品标签为:'camping headlamp'

H50, "Chinese Exploration Team" designated led headlamp. The unique parallel 3 LEDs are used to increase the light-emitting angle, allowing your vision to be wider, even in a dark cave environment or a small space, you can see the surrounding environment without a doubt. Also, H50 features 3 of the selected LEDs and can be toggled between Triple-On, Two-Side-On, and Middle-On. Provide 3 kinds of LED options: long-range LED, used for scenes that need to illuminate a long distance; high color-rendering LED, color rendering index>90, highly restored the true color of things, making your vision more clear and true; high Brightness LED, meet the demand of extreme brightness. Adjustable headlamp clip to meet your multi-angle lighting needs. As a professional outdoor adventure headlamp, H50 deserves it.