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10 六月

There is such a person. When I was young, I sat on his shoulders and played. When he grows up, he still protects you from the wind and rain. No matter how the world changes, you will always be his little princess.

Yes, he is our dear dad.

Fathers are a group of people, who unlike mothers, don’t usually get shown as much appreciation.

When I was born, you smiled and bent over. When I was studying, you were tired and bent over. When I got married and started a family, you put your hands on your hips. Now when you are old, you have to beat your waist when you walk. I am getting stronger and stronger, but you are like a big tree, slowly aging. ACEBEAM spends the annual Father's Day with you.

Here’s a special offer given by ACEBEAM on Father's Day in 2021 for those looking to show your dad or spouse just how much you appreciate him.

No matter what you want to use in your next project, here are the best lighting tools for Father's Day.

· PT40 is a multi-functional compact light that integrates work lights, headlamps and EDC light. It is designed for campers, construction workers, hiking enthusiasts and other needs for all-round lighting.
· PT10-GT is a sleek, compact, rechargeable pen light with amazing brightness. This penlight is comfortable to use with textured knurling and will easily go with you everywhere with a convenient clip. Suitable for all people.
· T36 is a dual switch rechargeable tactical flashlight ideal for self-defense and every day carry.

ACEBEAM has set these products as Father's Day specials, and the package price of the three products is $199.

START AT: 11~13 JUNE, 2021 DO NOT MISS IT ! !

Get ready for surprises, don't miss screaming From 6.11-13, come to ACEBEAM to experience a unique Father's Day!

To All Dads: Happy Father's Day!