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Acebeam K75 Ultra-High Performance Handheld Searchlight

Incredible Throw in the Palm of your Hand

The Acebeam K75 is a searchlight unlike any other. With an incredible, unprecedented throw of over a mile, this flashlight will take your search and rescue operations to the next level. To put it into perspective, the K75 can reach as far as 27 football fields. The perfect tool for long-range spotting, the Acebeam K75 emits up to 6300 lumens for a scorching beam that can easily illuminate any setting thanks to the LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED. Run by 4 high discharge 18650 batteries, this flashlight can run for over 7.5 days - great for extended search and rescue ops. Acebeam aimed to provide a flashlight that provides a throw that professional search and rescuers need and they've succeeded with the K75.

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