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Acebeam K40M GLOBAL TESTING campaign!

Acebeam K40M GLOBAL TESTING campaign!

Acebeam has released K40M super outdoor product for customers and light enthusiasts,with the hope of enhancing the quality of acebeam products and services,we are selecting some participants to take part in our K40M global testing campaign for free ,warmly welcome your participation!
1.Acebeam K40M uses new single CREE MT G2 Q0 LED emitter which supplies max 3000 lumens and brings 500m beam distance,for more informations pls click the link:
2.Acebeam will pay shipping cost of K40M to whoever is selected to be our tester,after receiving the K40M,you will have to test and publicize the reports or feedbacks on the relevant media such as forums and any other communication platforms.
3.Requirements for the participants:
*Any people who are well experienced and want to share their feelings and experiences with others;
*Any people who can write reviews or reports for flashlights, edit it with words and pictures, or taking videos when they are testing the flashlight.
*Any people who have already posted reviews on forums or blogs and other platforms before, you can show or introduce yourself or publish the links you reviewed,YouTube experience guy will take the priority.
*Any people who have a certain influence and visibility in the groups, such as photography, outdoor, flashlight or tactical etc.
4.Pls show your achievements by sending emails to [email protected] directly, acebeam will inform(by emails) the applicants whom are luckily selected to work with.

Notice:Supbeam has changed it’s name to acebeam from the date of 2014/7/11,please check official website for more details:

Acebeam Team!