18650 18500 18350 series Lithium Ion rechargeable Batteries

Lithium batteries are a great option for today’s high end electronics as these cells typically have higher capacities than their alkaline counterparts. Although rechargeable batteries tend to cost a little more than standard alkaline batteries up front, over the long haul, these costs are reigned in because you won’t need to replace rechargeable batteries nearly as much as alkaline cells. Of course these upfront costs are lower when you purchase your rechargeable batteries at Battery Junction. Our selection of 18650, you can buy these batteries in bulk which lowers the prices further. We have just about every size of rechargeable battery that you need, with products including protected and non-protected cells. The protected cells feature a patented Internal PCB protection against under voltage and over voltage. These protected cells are best used in single cell applications because the protection is based on the correct voltage of a single cell.